Vietnam as The Host Country for The 1st Edition of Biennale

Hilaire Hubert, with his experience, has developed a global vision of fashion in different sectors: cultural, economic, political and social.

Important qualities that are now used to develop the concept Biennale. This is Hilaire Hubert!

Hilaire hubert, can you talk a bit about your journey?

38 years of experience. My background is fashion. Old mannequin. In 1989, I am the co-founder of Hubert H Sa. In that year we organized the "Mode In France" for the French Federation of Women's Ready-To-Wear at Forest National, Brussels. In 1992, we had the parade of the Brussels-Capital Region at the Universal Exhibition of Seville. And many more...

As a person, I am the initiator-designer of FIMA, the Festival International de la Mode Africaine (International Festival of African Fashion). 1993, I became the initiator and designer-director of Modo Bruxellae. ASBL for the development of the image and the economy of fashion designers in Brussels and 19 municipalities with the Minister of Economy of the Brussels-Capital Region of the time. Today, Modo Brussels.

Today, I am the exclusive ambassador for the prestigious champagne brand De Roval in some countries. I am the exclusive world ambassador of  Breton Fils champagne and Victoria Rey Champagne. Ambassador (Europe region) of the Vietnamese magazine Men&Life, fashion consultant (Europe region) of Le Nom Vietnam Visual Communication Agency, exclusive agent of Pierre Vanherck Luxury and Prestige Cannes for the African continent, Luxembourg and Vietnam, official delegate to the Belgian authorities of Watchfair Luxembourg.
Since 2018, I am the co-founder of Belea Sprl a company under Belgian law which is the base of the Biennale. With my brother Henri Hubert we represent the great architect Ramsey Safar in the world. I am also an exclusive agent of 14 countries for the brand Jr Rostaing. Partner of the Vietnamese company Kim Sang Agricultural Produce JSC. A global structure o is in preparation.

Finally, I am a consultant and also developer of economic concepts related to the luxury industry. My vision is to bring together companies and institutions from different continents, so that they can develop business relations. Not to mention humanitarian aid.

Can you explain Belea SPRL Belgium?

Belea BVBA Belgium was created at the request of BECI, the Chamber of Commerce of Brussels, with whom I have been collaborating for years to be an official partner of the Biennale.
The mission of Belea SPRL, is the Geo-Economic development within business meetings for a return on investment.
Belea SPRL partners with Le Nom Vietnam Visual Communication Agency. The two companies work closely together for Belgium, Vietnam and international development.

You organize the biennale. What's this?

Belea SPRL Belgium has founded the Economic Biennial of Europe-Africa luxury and luxury tourism, agriculture and industry, and organizes it in collaboration with BECI, the Chamber of Commerce of Brussels, Le Nom Vietnam Visual Communication Agency and Aua Help Noma Foundation based in France and Guinea Bissau.

It is a Geo-Economic business meeting.

The theme of this first edition is: The future of humanity

We care about the welfare of humanity. In this sense, Belea SPRL is a partner of the Aua Help Noma Foundation. It aims to help patients suffering from Noma disease in Africa. It also helps the poorest with actions in Africa and beyond the African continent. Its founder and President is Ms. Lucille gomes.

What are the countries you want?

Twenty countries from different continents.

Where will this biennial be organised?

In Vietnam.

Why did you choose Vietnam?

Vietnam's economic and financial situation is growing rapidly, with growth of more than 6% in the last four years, reaching 6.8% in 2017 (GDP of about 225 billion in 2017) and 7.1% in the first six months of 2018. This growth implies an increase in the standard of living, a rapid growth of the middle class, which will reach 50% of the population according to the World Bank (excellent for the future).

Exports: Vietnam attracts the biggest investors from different continents, so it is the ideal country for this first edition of the Biennial. For us, there is only one market and it is global. Regarding Belea SPRL, our driving force with our partners is from Vietnam. And there is a triangle between Asia (Vietnam), Africa and Belgium (Brussels, BECI). Not to mention Brazil. And others...
And also with the presence of my brother and my partners I have a solid base.
Vietnam is a beautiful and welcoming country that I like a lot.

What are the different sectors of this Biennial?

Culture, Tourism, Social Affairs and Health, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Mining, Energy, Public Works, Construction, Urbanism, Industry...

Do you have an official entity with you?

Yes. BECI, The Brussels Chamber of Commerce is a partner of the Biennale.

To know that Belea SPRL and I as a natural person, are members of BECI.

Bringing together the Brussels Chamber of Commerce and the Brussels Business Union, BECI provides Brussels companies with support and services at all stages of the company's development. Among others. Advice for import, export and other services. BECI is a very important partner for us because its reputation goes beyond Belgium. It is also a very dynamic entity that has 3.000 members.
Personally, I am honoured that BECI is a partner of the Biennale.

 Theo Men&Life