The Éclair: The essential in french heritage

An éclair is an oblong pastry made with choux dough filled with a cream and topped with icing. The dough is typically piped into an oblong shape and baked until it is crispy and hollow inside. The the pastry is filled with a vanilla, coffee or chocolate flavoured custard or with whipped cream… This year, Une Journée à Paris will surprise us with its collection of colorful and original éclairs.

The pastry that is eaten in a flash!
Like the macaron, the éclair is essential in French heritage. It is often a source of inspiration for any good pastry chef and is available in a multitude of colors, shapes and flavors. Formerly called “Bread to the Duchess”, the éclair as we know it today consists of elongated cabbage-paste pastry and filled with pastry cream with a glaze on top. Some say that its glaze and its shiny feature resemble the light of a flash, which might give it its name. (L’éclair also mean “The Flash” in English). But a more pleasant story that pastry chefs have a much simplier story they like like to tell each other “because it is so delicious and gourmet, people will swallows it in a flash!” And so, this name has an in-joke origin.

A creation of the great chef Antonin Carême
In 1830, the éclair was invented by one of the greatest chef of the history, Antonin Carême. He simply renovated the recipe of the “small duchesses” cakes that were made from elongated cabbage paste and rolled in almonds. To make them more gourmet, he had the idea of replacing the almonds with melting sugar and stuffing them with apricot jam or pastry cream with coffee or chocolate. Although the name Éclair was given years later, thank to this great chef that people nowaday can have a touch of those pastry.

Discovering the stars of all time at Une Journée à Paris
The Bakery/Pastry shop Une Journée à Paris (A Day in Paris) has opened to us its doors again to offer recipes that have triggered our taste-bud. In addition to traditional coffee and chocolate, this year Une Journée à Paris will surprise us with its collection of colorful and original éclairs: PopVanilla, Choco-Candy, Caramel salted butter . or the fruity Strawberry, Passion and Lime. and the little star of all time: The Delicatessen!They are so appetizing we can not resist unveiling some of them in pictures. We won’t tell you anymore. And if they make your mouth water, be sure to come as fast as an “éclair” to Une journée à Paris 234 Le Thanh Ton, Dist 1. We are curious to know which will be your favorite!

ÉCLAIR: A TRENDY ECLAIRENABLE PASTRY If you thought the traditional French (cake’s name) cannot be made better, you were totally wrong.
Fabrice and Nadia, the owners of UNE JOURNEE A PARIS have rejuvenate and made over the classical French Éclairs into a gorgeous dessert that is much more fresh and appealing. They have dressed the Éclairs with stunning color of a rainbow, retouched it off with the shiny decorative material, and thrown surprise into the mix with merry flavors of caramel, pistachio. Apparently they renewed the image and recreated the taste of the old Éclairs by a sexy and trendy cake.

Eclairs has increasingly been becoming a favorite cake in Vietnam today, inspired by the art of French cookery and filled with fluffy flavors like coffee, hazelnut, caramel, strawberry mixing with local fruits as mango, pineapple lemon, orange. For those who looking for some creative clair appetite, check our collection. There are many variations of éclair popping up all over Vietnam now.

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Photographer: Cường Tống - Creative Director & Stylish: Henri Hubert - Art Director: Thuc Anh - Production: LeNom