Hello here my whitening look

How we wear white outfits during the summer holiday without look like a country person or an idiot? Yeap... This is how do it


Like I just said the most important thing is the sensation that’s feeling comfortable or not...




White can indisputably be the neutral of all colors... be a little creative and use it as an anchor to your looks?



It looks great with any kind of pattern and it’s complemented by a wide range of colors...



Do not hesitate, the white will help you conquer the one you want, your seduction campaign can begin.



Been at An Phuoc Store and shopping...



Creative Director: Henri Hubert  - Photographer: Cuong Tong  - Make up: Andy Phan

Models: Will, Vlada (Pmd Model) - Retouch: Anh Ho

Stylist: Anna Tran - Assistant of  Photographer: Ly Tran

Collection: An Phuoc - Location: Mia Resort Nha Trang - Production: Le Nom Vietnam