Everything about luxury tourism

Hilaire Hubert - president and founder of Belea Sprl and of the luxury economic biennale of african europe and luxury tourism

Many of us know clearly about tourism, but luxury tourism is not yet. The conversation between Men&Life and Hilaire Hubert will let us know more about luxury tourism.

What is luxury tourism?

First, it is important to know that there are two types of tourism. The mass tourism and the luxury tourism. The luxury is the customization, the externalization of the internal journey.

It is having real experience with adventure and every experience must be unique.

Who is attracted by luxury tourism?

Luxury tourism reaches the wealthiest people of the planet. Today even more than before, the world splits into two groups, plus the niche of the ultra rich. More than 194,000 people with at least $30 million in net assets in 2016 on the planet, this population is expected to increase by 43% in 2026.

What about Vietnam?

Vietnam is a new Eldorado of the wealthy ultra, has seen the largest increase in its population of ultra rich people, in recent decades has left to post the fastest growth by 2026 an increase of more than + 170% of people with $30 million or more. (Report the research firm New World Wealth)

What are the results on international tourism in 2017?

According to the UNWTO, international tourist arrivals jumped by 7% to reach a total of 1.322 billions. This should continue in 2018 at a rate of 4 to 5%. Europe is doing well with 8% more of international arrivals compared to 2016. Africa s up by 8%. The Asia Pacific region grew by 6%. The Middle East was by 5% and the America was by 3%. Travel continues to increase. This confirms the major importance of tourism for global economic development. The growth is expected to continue in 2018.

What are the trends in luxury travel?

They are different types:

Well-being tourism: Well-being will increase by 37% and reaches 808 billions dollar in the next 3 years. This growth is twice faster then the mass tourism.

Chic without Fuss: Priority to aesthetic. The purpose and quality.

To spoil without guilt: The key word is philantrophy.

Personalization: It is about being and feeling unique.

On demand: A category apart. For those who love the extravagance that never be seen

Iceberg, Antarctica, North Pole, Alaska… Did you say thrill? Yes with adrenaline and more, one of the goal is in this third millennial luxury tourism.

And the future?

Soon you will be able to travel in space. The first in panned in 2022. For the modest sum of 7, 7 million of emos you have 12-day trip. Yes, luxury has changed spaces. It’s time to go higher and higher.

Can you tell us some tips and information for traveling around the world?

If you are in Belgium, do not miss to go through Brussels - the capital of the country and also the capital of Europe. Once there, people can got to contact Visit. Brussels. It is an agency whose mission is to extend and enforce the image of the region Brussels capital - a very dynamic and creative entity that created tran-experience. The goal is to prestigious Belgian chefs sign memo of seasons. And it’s work. You can visit the capital while tasting great food.

French Guiana - Earth of oxygen. An exceptional flora and fauna destination where nature and adventure rhythm will enchant you with the diversity of its people and its rich and varied gastronomy.

Talk about luxury tourism without mentioning Mamounia -  a five star mythical and magical palace, would be a fault of the art of living.

The Rovos, a luxury train in Southern Africa, beautiful wagons that have been restored in a classic style. 72 people maximum, the 36 suites of the Rovos will delight you wonderfully.

In South Africa, Johannesburg: Cap Town 48 hour, Victoria Fall; Lecap-George (Garden Goute); Johannesburg - Durban ( 3 days, 2 nights). In South Africa is the mythical Blue Train. Kings, presidents, somites… have traveled to this hotel. A mobile five star. It is same to the dream because it symbolizes the quintessence of luxury for who is rich, a service worthy of the greatest places in the world.

In East Africa, Ethiopica - the land of the Kingdom of the Queen of Sheba, with its rock churches, hikes around the lakes and volcanoes and a very important thing - the refined gastronomy.

In West Africa, Senegal Capital Dakar and its historical museum on the history of the Afro people and its port on the island of Goree. “Benin” capital Cotonou, to see absolutely the city Lacustre. “Ganne” which is the venus of Africa, and the most important lakeside city of West Africa

What are your last words to finish this interview?

Luxury tourism is trying to make a return on itself, a return that challenges and asks the following questions:

Who are we?

Where do we come from?

Where are we going?

Interview by Men&Life