Diep Linh Chau let’s go shopping! i am always up for shopping

Naivety in the eyes, Saint Laurent’s high heel on the feet, the Elie Saab’s bag, the credit card in the hands.

Our heroine is ready to invade the malls (Saigon Center, Rex, Union Square).

Colors, mix of styles and textures, designers... From Saint Laurent, to Kenzo passing by Paul&Shark and the superb Jacqueline Saigon Store, before finishing at Bottega Veneta. The courtesy visit at Paul bakery was a pleasant moment to enjoy a succulent tea break.




“I am a shopper who shops much more carefully and mindfully than the traditional shopaholic, I buy far less...



... And never return the purchases”.



“I could spend hours and hours in a store without getting tired... I never dropped.”



“I do not shop only for myself, I am a stylist shopaholic”.



“Now I change before I shop, I ask myself: “Do my clients need that?”



“Do I really need those shoes?”



“Oh I already have that, don’t remember!” “This dress for which occasion?””



“Something I forgot to ask myself is



“Does it fit my budget?””


Photographed by Phan Thanh Can

Directed by Henri Hubert

Fashionista: Diep Linh Chau a shopaholic

Collections: Jacqueline Saigon (Store), Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, Kenzo, Paul&Shark

Retouch: Anh Nguyen

Stylist: Anna Tran, Diep Linh Khue

Make up/hair style: Andy Phan

Venues: Rex Hotel, Union Square, Saigon Center, Paul Bakery Viet Nam

Production: Le Nom Vietnam